Sexual Misconduct Policy and Help

It is sexual harassment if you are the subject of...

  • Verbal harassment or abuse
  • Display of sexually offensive photographs drawings or graffiti
  • Subtle pressure for sexual activity
  • Sexist remarks about clothing, body, or sexual activity
  • Unnecessary touching
  •

The Office encourages women and men to report incidents of sexual harassment, sexual assault and other inappropriate behavior. The school provides multiple options for students, trainees, faculty, and staff, and the Office is one place they can go to discuss their experiences as they process what has happened and decide what to do.

The Office discusses these options and offers information about Yale’s policies and procedures and how to use grievance procedures to file complaints when they believe they have been treated unfairly or in an offensive manner. The Office provides referrals to SHARE, which offers counseling and supportive services.

Inquiries and informal and formal complaints may be directed to the YSM Grievance Board on Sexual Harassment.