Our Services

Counseling and referral service

This service gives opportunities for discussing personal, professional, and academic concerns on an individual basis. The Office enables students, housestaff and faculty to share on a confidential basis their concerns, frustrations and accomplishments. We try to act as a sounding board and offer advice, feedback or referral to an appropriate community resource.

Sexual misconduct procedures

Procedures and resources have been established in the School of Medicine. The Office encourages women and men to report incidents of sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior, to discuss complaints and to use grievance procedures to file complaints when they believe they have been treated unfairly or in an offensive manner.

Title IX Coordinator-Yale School of Medicine 
Merle Waxman, (203) 785-4680 or Confidential Line (203) 737-4100

Women in Medicine Newsletter

The newsletter updates issues, events, grants, residency and employment opportunities and services.

Resource Library

The library in our office features books and periodicals on such subjects as career and academic opportunities, the history of women physicians and scientists, and research related to women in medicine and science.

Support groups

Groups organized with the assistance of the Office of Women in Medicine staff enables faculty, students, housestaff, or spouses of housestaff to get together to discuss common problems/areas of interest.