Residency Program

Program and Resident Evaluations

The residency program is continually evaluated by several means. The program director and the resident education committee (one resident from each year) meet at least quarterly and on an ad hoc basis if needed to critique, discuss, and improve the effectiveness of the resident education program. Twice each year each resident evaluates the rotations specifically and the program as a whole and provides this information anonymously to the faculty. The entire faculty assesses the educational aspects of the program at semi-annual meetings.

The faculty evaluates individual resident performance after each rotation and twice a year a summary is generated at a faculty meeting. Twice during each rotation, each resident's technical surgical skills are assessed by the appropriate faculty member. This information is shared with each resident confidentially by his/her advisor. Conversely, semi-annually each resident evaluates each faculty member with whom he/she has worked, again on an anonymous basis. This information is confidentially communicated directly to the involved individuals. In accordance with the six competencies, each resident's professionalism and communication skills are also evaluated semi-annually by the nursing staff on the wards and in the clinics and by the office staff.