About Us

The Section of Family Planning provides specialized care for women with reproductive options healthcare needs. In addition, our Section strongly emphasizes resident education and innovative research to improve patient care in all aspects of family planning services.

We endeavor to provide the best possible care for our patients in an environment of respect, compassion, and sympathetic concern. Best care also means that the patient is accurately informed about all of her treatment options, including their advantages and disadvantages.

An important mission of our Section is to educate residents about our subspecialty. The second year residents have a Family Planning rotation for seven weeks, during which time they are taught how to evaluate and counsel women regarding the complete spectrum of contraceptive and sterilization options, and to implement appropriate non-surgical and surgical treatments for undesired or abnormal pregnancy. Residents participate in the Section's surgical cases, pre and postoperative care, ambulatory procedures in the Yale-New Haven Hospital Women's Center, and in didactic sessions; and they are encouraged to complete suggested readings. Residents serve as first assistant in all of the Section's surgical cases. We believe that the knowledge and surgical skills gained from these activities will allow our residents to evaluate and manage a wide range of office gynecologic issues such as threatened or incomplete miscarriage, menorrhagia, and dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

Another mission of our Section is to increase our understanding of women's reproductive health issues, and to formulate new or improve existing treatments. At present, the focus of the Section's research includes the development of new contraceptive methods, and the study of pathophysiologic mechanisms of currently available modalities such as the IUD and long term progestin-only approaches. Residents are encouraged to participate in the Section's ongoing research projects.