Our Philosophy

At Yale Fertility Center, your dream is ours. We are physicians, specialized staff, and scientists who have dedicated our life's work to improving your chance for fertility.

But infertility is a complex, stressful, and often time-consuming problem. Men and women new to the problem are sometimes prepared for the physical procedures they will have to undergo, but often don't realize how emotionally difficult the process can be. Sometimes one partner is more devoted to the process than the other; sometimes infertility treatments can stretch on for months and become financially draining; and sometimes people experiencing infertility end up feeling alone and isolated, even from those who love them the most. That's why we are here—because we've been through it before, and we are here to help you through it, too.

There are moral, ethical and scientific dilemmas that can be easy or difficult to resolve. Our shared communication through the process, and our continuous psychological support, helps you to overcome each step and gain perspective on why each person's experience is different. The education we provide helps you to understand your options and feel confident about the decisions you make.

This practice is specifically built to attend to the technological, emotional, and physical needs of men and women who are experiencing infertility. We use the best medical science to both minimize the number of procedures you experience and to increase your chance of pregnancy. When our research offers a new treatment option, our patients are the first to benefit.

Finally, we believe that our combined years of experience and collective knowledge are your most valuable resource. We think you'll agree.

Thank you for putting your trust in our care.