First-Trimester Screening

First Trimester Risk Assessment ImageFirst Trimester Risk Assessment Image 

Between 11 and 12 weeks after your last menstrual period, you can instantly learn your baby's risk for Down syndrome and other abnormalities with Yale's safe, non-invasive first-trimester risk assessment.

Our team of specially-certified physicians, sonographers and genetic counselors will provide you with accurate information as quickly as technology allows. The procedure is simple: provide a blood sample at least one week before your scheduled appointment, then visit us between weeks 11 and 14 of your pregnancy.

The first-trimester risk assessment program was established in 2000, as a joint effort of Yale Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Yale Genetics. All sonographers and physicians are rigorously certified to ensure the most accurate testing.

As soon as you learn you are pregnant, ask your obstetrician about the Yale First-Trimester Risk Assessment program or call us at 203-785-5682 to make an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions about First-Trimester Screening

Please note:

  • This test can only be performed between 11 and 14 weeks' gestation, so please schedule in advance.
  • A positive test result does not mean the fetus will definitely have Down syndrome--it only means there is increased risk for developing abnormalities. Further testing is necessary.

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