High-Risk Maternity Services

The Yale High-Risk Pregnancy Program provides ongoing care and management for women with a history of pregnancy risks or current medical complications. Our team of obstetrical specialists cares for patients with active participation by medical subspecialists.

We follow our patients closely from the point of referral to delivery and beyond. With the primary nursing model, patients receive individualized attention, and continuity of care is guaranteed throughout the pregnancy. With a single phone call, a patient can reach a staff member who knows her well.

Yale Maternal-Fetal Medicine is often able to co-manage problems with the patient's primary obstetrician, allowing the patient to get much of her care near her home. However, Yale provides the full spectrum of prenatal, delivery, and postpartum care for women with high-risk pregnancies who need these services.

For more information regarding our services, please call us at (203) 785-5168.

Diabetes in Pregnancy

Yale offers comprehensive services for the ongoing management of prepregnancy and perinatal diabetes. Individualized glucose management, home glucose meter loans, one-on-one counseling and support are available through our Diabetic Primary Nurses and our Perinatologists.

Recurrent Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss

Our multidisciplinary team of pathologists, geneticists and perinatologists uses a holistic approach to help couples with recurrent miscarriages and/or pregnancy losses.

We encourage patients with recurrent first-trimester miscarriages or second- or third-trimester losses to seek counseling. Each patient is evaluated individually in order to formulate a care plan specific to her needs. The initial evaluation includes a visit with a perinatologist and a reproductive immunologist, with other consultants available as needed.

Hemostasis and Thrombosis

Thrombophilia—the propensity to develop blood clots—is known to greatly increase the risk of pregnancy complications. The Yale Center of Hemostasis and Thrombosis in Women’s and Children’s Health works to advance our understanding of thrombophilia’s affect on pregnancy; we also provide pregnancy management for women who suffer from thrombosis.

Pregnancy management involves regular consultations and treatment with blood thinners. Typically, we coordinate treatment with the patient’s referring doctor. In some cases we provide screening and primary care, as well as treatment for other blood conditions such as hemophilia.

We also pursue a variety of research initiatives to develop new treatments for women whose pregnancies are threatened by thrombophilia.