Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship Curriculum


The Yale-New Haven Hospital Maternal-Fetal Medicine fellowship program is academically oriented, with formal conferences, chapter reviews and lectures, as well as informal rounds. Half of the fellowship is devoted to clinical/basic science research.  During his/her 3-year tenure, a perinatal fellow will complete all of the requirements of the ABOG Division of MFM. The perinatal fellow's clinical commitments include:
  • Serving as an inpatient attending together with a faculty member for a total of six months out of the three years
  • Working in outpatient high-risk obstetrics and ultrasound an additional 12 months

Yale-New Haven Hospital serves more than 6,000 pregnant patients per year, with a combined service of private and clinic patients. The high-risk service itself accepts about 150 transfers per year and averages 50 admissions per month to an 18-bed Maternal Special Care Unit. There are two outpatient ultrasound areas, staffed with sonographers and genetic counselors. Fellows gain extensive experience in diagnosing and counseling families with fetal anomalies.