Robert Bradford Duckrow MD

Associate Professor of Neurology and of Neurosurgery; Chief, Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

Departments & Organizations

Neurology: Epilepsy and Neurophysiology

Neurosurgery: Epilepsy Program

Research Interests

Electroencephalography; Epilepsy; Time Series Analysis; Regional interaction of brain electrical activity during seizure onset and propagation; Generation and influence of electrical fields in the brain; Computational methods of electroencephalographic analysis; Deep brain stimulation for epilepsy; Implanted medical devices; Ethics of medical research  more...


  • B.S., Brown University, 1971
  • M.D., Yale University, 1975

Selected Publications

  • Morrell M, RNS System in Epilepsy Study Group (Duckrow RB, Site Principal Investigator). Responsive cortical stimulation for the treatment of medically intractable partial epilepsy. Neurology 77:1295-1304, 2011
  • Zaveri HP, Pincus SM, Goncharova II, Novotny EJ, Duckrow RB, Blumenfeld H, Spencer SS. Background intracranial EEG spectral changes with anti-epileptic drug taper. Clinical Neurophysiology 121:311-317, 2010.
  • Zaveri HP, Duckrow RB, Spencer SS. Concerning the observation of an electrical potential at a distance from an intracranial electrode contact. Clinical Neurophysiology 120:1873-1875, 2009



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