Joseph T King Jr MD, MSCE

Associate Professor of Neurosurgery; Chief, Neurosurgery at VA Connecticut Healthcare System; Director, Neurosurgical Outcomes Research; Chair, VA Neurosurgery Surgical Advisory Board

Research Interests

Measurement of patient-oriented outcomes and quality of life (QOL) in patients with neurologic disease; Incorporating patient preferences into neurosurgical decision-making; Cost-effectiveness analyses; Using large databases to examine health care systems issues

Selected Publications

  • King JT Jr, Gordon AJ, Perkal MF, Crystal S, Rosenthal RA, Rodriguez MC, Butt AA, Gibert CL, Rimland D, Simberkoff MS, Justice AC. Disparities in rates of spine surgery for degenerative disease between HIV infected and uninfected veterans. Spine 2012; 37: 612-622.
  • Dubrow R, King JT Jr, Darefsky AS. Adult glioblastoma multiforme survival in the temozolomide era: a population-based analysis of Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results registries. Cancer 2012;118:2163-2172.
  • King JT Jr, Goulet JL, Perkal MF, Rosenthal RA. Glycemic control and infections in patients with diabetes undergoing non-cardiac surgery. Ann Surg 2011; 253:158-165.
  • King JT Jr, Abbed KM, Gould GC, Benzel, EC, Ghogawala, Z. Cervical spine re-operation rates and hospital resource utilization following initial surgery for degenerative cervical spine disease in 12,644 patients in the United States. Neurosurg 2009, 65:1011-1022; discussion 1022-1023.
  • King JT Jr, Horowitz MB, Bissonette DB, Tsevat J, Roberts MS. What do patients with cerebral aneurysms know about their condition? Neurosurg 2006; 58:824-830.
  • King JT Jr, Tsevat J, Lave JR, Roberts MS. Willingness to pay for a quality-adjusted life year: implications for societal health care resource allocation. Med Decis Making 2005; 25:667-677.

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