Evaluation of Residents

Residents are continuously and periodically evaluated.  There is daily interaction between residents and faculty.  Notable events are recorded and discussed.  The following tools are utilized to report performance in an ongoing fashion:  Clinical Performance Biopsy Tool, Surgical Performance Biopsy Tool, Impromptu Performance Commentary,  Twice yearly 360 degree evaluations are carried out and twice yearly the residents are asked to upload the following information to their electronic portfolio:  updated CV, goals and objective for the next 6 months, critical evaluation as to how well the previous 6 months goals and objectives have been met, meetings and courses attended, papers published, grant applications and funding status.  Additional information obtained includes patient surveys, Neurosurgery Primary Examination and an in-house oral examination.  The faculty and chief resident(s) meet and complete a Biannual Summary which is then discussed with the residents individually.   The Program as others in the institution is currently moving evaluations to the web based MedHub Resident Tracking System.

Evaluation of Faculty

Yearly the residents meet and write faculty evaluations.  These evaluations are discussed with the individual faculty members and the chair of the department by the Program Director and a written report of this discussion is made.

Evaluation of the Program

Similar to the faculty evaluation, programs and rotations within the residency are reported by the residents and are discussed in the periodic Neurosurgery Education Meetings that occur 1 to 3 time/month.  These discussions are documented in those minutes and in the faculty reviews.