Operating Rooms & Scheduled Surgery Days

Two adult operating rooms have been specifically designed for neurosurgery. These are equipped with state of the art ceiling mounted frameless stereotaxis (BrainLab), microscopes, endoscopy, computerized imaging workstations, monitoring, and angiography. An additional monitoring room has been added with the latest renovation between these two rooms. The Children's Hospital ORs are separate but adjacent to the main OR has similar capabilities with additional endoscopic facilities and dedicated pediatric anesthesiology. Since neurosurgery frequently requires additional operative space there is a portable frameless stereotaxic system and additional microscope which may be utilized in almost any room. Surgery is scheduled 5 days a week but does not begin on Wednesdays until the afternoon in order to avoid conflict with teaching conferences. At the VA there are 2 operating days per week. The Gamma Knife operates 3 days per week.

Usually, one resident is assigned to a case, however, when Duty Hours permit the Junior Resident at Yale will scrub with the Chief Resident. At Yale Junior, Senior and Chief Residents participate in operative cases. At the VA Junior Residents participate in operative cases.