Patient Care


The senior resident is assigned primary responsibility for the pediatric service, but obtains considerable experience in the operative management and care of patients with complex spine disease requiring instrumentation, brachial plexus reconstruction, pituitary tumors, epilepsy surgery, and intracranial tumors. Through this year the senior resident demonstrates greater skill and knowledge with such cases and is generally able to function in a primary role in by the end of this experience.


Develop sophisticated skills in the diagnosis and treatment of neurosurgical diseases and disorders. Should be able to function independently at the end of this experience in the following areas:

  • Craniotomies for tumors
  • Approaches to various anterior circulation aneurysms
  • Spinal instrumentation in the cervical and lumbar areas
  • Proficiently assist in various pediatric cases


  • Biannual evaluations
  • Surgery Bx Tool
  • Event reporter
  • Quality improvement initiatives