Patient Care


  • Become proficient in the comprehensive neurosurgical history and physical examination.
  • Interpret diagnostic imaging studies with neuroradiology fellows and attendings.
  • Perform initial stabilization and management of critically ill ICU and emergency room patients.
  • Develop basic operative technical and intraoperative decision making skills.
  • Perform twice daily rounds and sequentially follow patient progression from admission through treatment until hospital discharge.
  • Develop outpatient clinic and decision-making skills.


Progress is expected in critical patient evaluation, assessment of laboratory values, interpretation of diagnostic imaging, treatment alternatives and basic operative skills. Residents are expected to take an increasingly active role in interpreting complex patient presentations, and planning for their care, as well as executing established plans independently.


  • Senior resident feedback
  • Bi-annual evaluations with residency director
  • Surgery Biopsy Tool
  • Event reporter.