Interpersonal & Communication Skills


  • Foster communication between all members of the patient care team by sitting at the center of complex interpersonal relationships.
  • Manage relationships with patients, families, attendings and all levels of hospital staff.
  • Present clinical data at daily work rounds, conduct weekly formal presentations for attendings, and present research findings at departmental grand rounds each year.
  • Residents will work effectively in this complex environment of patients, families, and multiple levels of health care professionals.
  • Residents will effectively present cases in rounds and other venues, e.g., presenting case or clinical change to attending.
  • They will present and receive critical information upon arrival and departure for duty hours.
  • They will prepare and present regularly at major departmental teaching conferences.


Residents are expected to improve their interpersonal skills through constant introspective assessment, web-based modules, and management feedback.  Residents are further expected to learn to manage interns as they would their junior team during senior residency.

While training is provided by the institution in sexual harassment, diversity, and HIPPA, respect and humanistic interactions with patients are essential.  Effective communication is critical to learning and patient safety.


  • 360 degree evaluations
  • Event reporter
  • Press-Ganey
  • Patient questionnaires