Structure of the Program

The Yale Neurosurgery Program is designed to provide a broad neurosurgical background and an exposure to subspecialty neurosurgery as well as an opportunity to engage in both clinical and basic research such that the individual resident may choose the clinical or academic practice of neurosurgery.

Education is the binding theme of the Department's entire effort. The Department requires residents to learn not just be taught, expects all to contribute to the learning process not passively accept it. Personal contact by the faculty provides for individual evaluation of the resident's performance in seminars, on the wards, in the OR, in the clinics and in the laboratory. The Department can then best understand their needs, potential, and productivity.

The Neurosurgical Residency Program at the Yale New Haven Hospital is a seven-year program under the direction of the Department of Neurosurgery at The Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Dennis Spencer is the Chair of the Department and Dr. Charles Duncan is Program Director for the Residency.

While it is expected that those entering the program will complete their residency, all appointments to the program are for one year with advancement based on continuing acceptable performance. Residents are evaluated continuously by the faculty and senior residents in accordance with the General Competencies.