Chronology of the Program

Total Clinical Neurological Surgery time for an individual resident will vary between 42 and 48 months as follows.

PGY 1.

Residents rotate on various General Surgery Services for 6 months.  In the current year these are Trauma, SICU, Pediatric Surgery, General Surgery, Vascular, and ENT.  Three month are spent on Neurology and 3 months are assigned to Neurosurgery.  One of the Neurosurgery months are planned for Neuroradiology and Neuro-Ophthalmology.

NS1, PGY 2.

Both Junior Residents assigned to the YNHH Neurosurgical Service for 6 months.  The second 6 months is split between the two resident with 3 months at the VA and 3 months at YNHH, however both have weekly outpatient continuity clinic at the VA for the entire 6 months.

NS2, PGY3 

The two Junior Residents continue to alternate 3 months at the VA and 3 months at YNHH and continue weekly continuity clinic.  Halfway through this year the residents begin a 2 year interval of research which in most cases consists of a postdoctoral type research experience.

NS3, PGY4 


NS4, PGY5 

Final 6 month of research and then 6 months of elective time.  Electives include a wide range of relevant topics including endovascular surgical neuroradiology, specific neurology rotations such as epilepsy, movement disorders, pediatrics, etc., neuropathology, and neurosurgical specialties.  Research may also be continued or concluded. 


Senior Resident at YNHH assists the Administrative Chief Resident in running the clinical services and functions as acting chief when the chief resident is outside of Duty Hours.  As we move to two individuals in this year, they will in turn be assigned to a specialty area of their choice for a fellowship-like experience of greater depth.

NS6, PGY7 

Chief Resident has the overall administrative responsibility of running the neurosurgical service including OR, NICU, inpatient, conference, and medical student assignments. As we move to two individuals in this year they will in turn be assigned to the specialty area of their choice to be the Chief resident in that area.

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