Minimally Invasive Surgeries

Advanced, one-day surgical procedures, including vertebroplasty and disk electrocauterization, are available for appropriate surgical candidates. Vertebroplasty relieves pain among some osteoporosis sufferers with collapsed vertebrae. Surgical bone cement is injected into the affected areas bolstering bone growth. Disk electrocauterization involves the use of a needle to shrink disks by burning them.

Complex Surgeries

The specialty of the Yale Neurosurgery Spine Center is complex surgery.  When all treatment options are carefully weighed and surgery is indicated, the Spine Center surgeons can perform spinal reconstructions for severely deteriorated spines or repair damage from trauma or prior surgeries. Leading edge techniques such as discography make it possible to track electrical activity within the spine with exceptional precision to localize the site of injuries. And because the department is a major referral center for neurosurgical problems of all types and levels of complexity, spine patients benefit from the collaborative, interdisciplinary environment that enhances opportunities for advancing care.