Skull Base Neurosurgery

Joseph Piepmeier M.D., Ketan Bulsara M.D.

Yale neurosurgeons treat patients with a variety of lesions close to the base of the skull. Benign and malignant tumors, pituitary tumors and acoustic neuromas are managed in a multidisciplinary way.   This allows our team to reach difficult areas of access without injuring the brain. Our skull base surgeons have radically improved the chances for cure, shortened recovery time, and restored normal lifestyles to people who were often left with no hope for treatment. Skull base surgery is often a multidisciplinary effort. Yale Neurosurgery works closely with experts in ENT, Plastic Surgery and Therapeutic Radiology to achieve optimal outcomes. Endoscopic minimally invasive surgery is available for some skull base tumors. This new technique minimizes trauma and enhances recovery by removing tumors through small openings.

Gamma Knife radiosurgery often is employed in the management of skull base tumors. Yale Neuro-oncology's Gamma Knife Center offers non-surgical alternatives for care for these patients. Gamma knife surgery makes it possible to deliver hundreds of powerful, highly focused radiation beams to tiny targets such as tumors without harming any other brain structures. The procedure is also painless and free of surgical complications such as infection and hemorrhage. The precision of this technique spares important parts of the brain that have historically been subject to injury with conventional radiation therapy.