Yale Neurology Residency Program: Appointments First Year After Graduation

*Chief Resident(s)

Class of 2013

Adetoun Abisogun, MDNeurophysiology Fellow, LIJ Medical Center/North Shore Hospital
Hardik Amin, MD

Stroke Fellow, Yale University 

Gioacchino Curiale, MD*Stroke Fellow, Harvard University (BID)
Ana Gabriela Lizama, MDNeuroscience Fellow, VA Hospital
Reversa Mills, MDMovement Disorders Fellow, Georgetown University
Imran Quraishi, MD, PhDPharmacology Research/Epilepsy Fellow, Yale University
Kimberly Robeson, MD*Neuromuscular Medicine Fellow, Yale University

Class of 2012

Nicholas Blondin, MD*Neuro-Oncology Fellow, Yale University
Pooia Fattahi, MD

Neuroscience Fellow, VA Hospital

Neuro-Ophthalmology Fellow, Harvard University (2013)

Benison Keung, MDNeuromuscular Medicine Fellow, Yale University
Kumar Narayanan, MD, PhD*Assistant Professor, Iowa University
Katherine Ruzhansky, MDClinical Neurophysiology/Neuromuscular Medicine Fellow, Columbia University
Anna Sorokin, MD Movement Disorders Fellow, Yale University

Class of 2011

Mary Bailey, MDNeuro-Immunlogy Fellow, Yale University
Babar Khokhar, MD, MBA*Neuromuscular Medicine/Neuroscience Fellow, Yale University/VA Hospital
Imanuel Lerman, MD, MSPain Medicine Fellow, Harvard University (MGH)
Richard Nowak, MD, MSNeuromuscular Medicine Fellow, Yale University
Chizoba Umeh, MDMovement Disorders Fellow, Johns Hopkins University

Class of 2010

Jeffrey Bigelow, MD, MPHEpilepsy Fellow, UCSF
Dongming Cai, MD, PhDAssistant Professor, Mount Sinai Medical Center
Carolin Dohle, MDNeuro-Rehabilitation Fellow, Cornell University
Athena Lolis, MD*Neuromuscular/IOM Fellow, New York University
Valeriya Poukas, MDEpilepsy Fellow, University of Pennsylvania
Marcie Rabin, MD Movement Disorders Fellow, Yale University 
Perry Smith, MD, PhD Neuro-Oncology Fellow, National Institutes of Health 

Class of 2009

Kevin Becker, MD, PhDNeuro-Oncology Fellow, Yale University
Joseph Daley, MD, PhDSleep Medicine Fellow, University of Pennsylvania
Daniel DiCapua, MDNeuromuscular Medicine Fellow, Yale University
Duarte Machado, MD*Instructor, Neurology, Yale University
Jason Sico, MDNeuroscience Fellow, VA Hospital

Class of 2008

Haakon B. Nygaard, MD*Investigative Medicine Program, Yale University
Gordon Buchanan, MD, PhDNeuroscience Fellow, VA Hospital
Sarah Janicki, MD, MPHBehavioral Neurology Fellow, Columbia University
Yamini Naidu, MDEpilepsy Fellow, Yale University
Michael Phipps, MDRobert Wood Johnson Clinical Stroke Fellow, Yale University
Esther Rawner, MDHeadache Fellow, University of Washington

Class of 2007

Marko Petrovic, MDNeuromuscular Fellow, UCSF
Christopher Ransom, MD, PhD*Epilepsy Fellow, Yale University
Eric Searls, MDStroke Fellow, Harvard University (BID)
Cynthia Soto, MDPrivate Practice, King City, CA

Class of 2006

Tanya Fischer, MD, PhDResearch Fellow, Yale University
Jason Mallin, MDClinical Neurophysiology Fellow, UCSF
Joshua Steinerman, MDCognitive Disorders Fellow, Columbia University
Nishi Rampal, MDNeuro-Intensive Care Fellow, Columbia University
Steve Toenjes, MD*Military Practice, US Navy, Jacksonville, FL

Class of 2005

Marti Haykin, MDNeurology Attending, Yale University
Jim Nagy, MDHeadache Fellow, Institute of Neurology, London
Eugene Pak, MDNeurophys. Fellow, University of Pennsylvania
Joseph Schindler, MD*Neurology Attending, Yale University
Barbara Vogler, MDHeadache Fellow, Thomas Jefferson University

Class of 2004

Omatola Hope, MD*Epilepsy Fellow, Yale University
Adil Javed, MD, PhDMS Fellow, University of Chicago
Yacov Kogan, MDBioinformatics Fellow, Yale University
Andrew Rose-Innes, MDAssistant Professor, University of Washington
David Weisman, MD*Behavioral Neurology Fellow, UCSD

Class of 2003

Michael Chen, MDClinical Neurophysiology, Yale University
Evan Fertig, MD*Epilepsy Fellow, Yale University
David Jaeger, MD, PhDMovement Disorders Fellow, Columbia University
Susie Ro, MDClinical Neurophysiology Fellow, Harvard University

Class of 2002

Christopher Bradley, MD, PhDEpilepsy Fellow, Yale University
Audrey Halpern, MDHeadache Fellow, Thomas Jefferson University
LeBron Paige, MD*Epilepsy Fellow, Yale University
Vivienne Shen, MD, PhDMedical Services Manager, Bristol-Meyers
David Tinklepaugh, MD

Clinical Neurophysiology Fellow, Yale University

Class of 2001

Brad Herskowitz, MD*Private Practice, Miami, FL
Albert Lo, MD, PhDNeurodegenerative Disorders Fellow, Yale University
Braden Neiman, MDPrivate Practice, Dallas, Texas
Milena Pavlova, MDSleep/Epilepsy Fellow, Harvard University
Daryl Story, MDNeurology Attending, Yale University

Class of 2000

Krzystof Bochenek, MDRadiology/Neuroradiology Resident, Yale University
Volker Knappertz, MD*Associate Director of Research, Astra-Zeneca
Marisa Prego-Lopez, MDClinical Neurophysiology Fellow, NYU

Class of 1999

Jocelyn Bautista, MD*Epilepsy Fellow, Cleveland Clinic
Beth Hogans, MD, PhDPeripheral Neurology Fellow, Johns Hopkins University
Amy Knorr, MD, PhDClinical Neurophysiology Fellow, Yale University
Nutan Sharma, MD, PhDMovement Disorders Fellow, Harvard University

Class of 1998

Robert Felberg, MDStroke Fellow, University of Houston
Heidi Gaspary, MD*Epilepsy Fellow, Yale University
Silva Markovic-Plese, MDNeuroimmunology Fellow, NIH
Sanjay Rathi, MDMovement Disorders Fellow, Yale University
David Tkeshelashvili, MDNeurophys./Epilepsy Fellow, Yale University
Panos Varelas, MDNeuro-ICU Fellow, Johns Hopkins University

Class of 1997

Michael Carrithers, MD, PhD*Neuroimmunology Fellow, Yale University
Madeleine Kitaj, MDPrivate Practice, Derby, CT
Anna Szekely, MDNeurogenetics Fellow, Yale University
Hajime A. Tokuno, MD*Clinical Neurophysiology Fellow, Yale University

Class of 1996

Robert Angels, MDEpilepsy Fellow, Columbia University
Monique Giroux, MD*Movement Disorders Fellow, Emory University
Huned Patwa, MDClinical Neurophysiology Fellow, Yale University
Jeffrey Raizer, MDNeuro-Oncology Fellow, Cornell University / Sloan-Kettering
James Thompson, MDEpilepsy Fellow, Yale University

Class of 1995

Frederick Foote, MDMilitary Practice, US Navy
Sujai Nath, MDPrivate Practice, Melbourne, FL
Steven Novella, MDClinical Neurophysiology Fellow, Yale University
David Russell, MD, PhD*Assistant Professor, Yale University

Class of 1994

Ausim Azizi, MD, PhDAssistant Professor, Thomas Jefferson University
Jeffrey  Fecko, MDClinical Neurophysiology Fellow, Yale University
Susanne Patrick, MDEpilepsy Fellow, Yale University
Gwendolyn Ford, MDStroke Fellow, University of Virginia

Class of 1993

Joseph Guarnaccia, MD*Assistant Professor, Yale University
Stephen Holloway, MD, PhDClinical Neurophysiology Fellow, Yale University
David Packey, MD, PhDEpilepsy Fellow, Yale University
Michael Woodward, MDPrivate Practice, Myrtle Beach, SC

Class of 1992

Fuki Hisama, MDClinical Neuroimmunology Fellow, Yale University
Becky Parks, MDClinical Neurophysiology Fellow, Yale University
Giselle Petzinger, MDMovement Disorders Fellow, Yale University

Class of 1991

Arani Bose, MDRadiology/Neuroradiology Resident, Yale University
Kathleen Klotz, MD, PhDClinical Neuroimmunology Fellow, Yale University
Steven Pacia, MDEpilepsy Fellow, Yale University
George Richerson, MD, PhD*Assistant Professor, Yale University
Stephen Salloway, MDAssistant Professor, Brown University

Class of 1990

Tanya Bilchik, MDNuclear Medicine Resident, Yale University
Jonathan Goldstein, MDNeurophysiology/Neuroimmunology Fellow, Yale University
Elizabeth Jonas, MDClinical Neurophysiology Fellow, Yale University
Richard Trosch, MD*Movement Disorders Fellow, Columbia University