Mark Laubach PhD

Associate Professor of Neurobiology; Associate Fellow, Pierce Laboratory

Departments & Organizations

Neurobiology: Swartz Program in Theoretical Neurobiology

Research Interests

Basal ganglia; Frontal cortex; Associative learning; Decision making; Working memory; Multi-electrode recording; Reversible inactivation methods, including optogenetic techniques; Intra-cranial drug administration; Advanced statistical analysis; Computational models  more...


  • Ph.D., Wake Forest University, 1997

Selected Publications

  • Horst NK, Laubach M. Working with memory: Evidence for a role for the medial prefrontal cortex in performance monitoring during spatial delayed alternation. J Neurophysiol. 2012 Sep 26. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 23019007.
  • Caetano MS, Horst NK, Harenberg L, Liu B, Arnsten AF, Laubach M. Lost in transition: aging-related changes in executive control by the medial prefrontal cortex. Journal of Neuroscience, 2012, 32:3765-3777.
  • Laubach M. A comparative perspective on executive and motivational control by the medial prefrontal cortex. In Neural basis of motivational and cognitive control. Edited by RB Mars, J Sallet, MFS Rushworth, N Yeung, MIT Press, 2011.



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