Research Initiatives

The Kavli Institute for Neuroscience at Yale awards small grants to support new research initiatives related to the goals of the institute. These proposals address different aspects of research on cortical function, development and evolution. They are innovative proposals that are designed to open new ground and areas for future investigation into the function and structure of the cerebral cortex.

To learn more about our research faculty, view their faculty profile pages:

Arnsten, Amy F. T.

Research Interests:Molecular influences on higher cognitive function

  • Office:(203) 785-4431

Bewersdorf, Joerg

Research Interests:Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy

  • Office:(203) 737-5704
  • Lab:(203) 785-7446

Blumenfeld, Hal

Research Interests:Impaired consciousness in epilepsy; Epilepsy neuroimaging and electrophysiology

  • Appt:(203) 785-3865

Chun, Marvin M

Research Interests:Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI); attention; memory; decision making; executive control; perception

    De Camilli, Pietro

    Research Interests:Synapses; Exocytosis; Endocytosis; Membranes; Clathrin; Dynamin; Phosphoinositides; Lowe syndrome; BAR proteins; Neurodegeneration

    • Office:(203) 737-4461
    • Lab:(203) 737-4457

    DiLeone, Ralph Joseph

    Research Interests:Addictions; Animal Behavior; Ethology; Animal Nutrition; Diseases and Disorders; Drug Abuse; Eating Disorders; Etiology; Evolution; Genetic Manipulation; Natural History; Obesity; Psychiatry

    • Office:(203) 974-7684

    Hashimoto-Torii, Kazue

    Research Interests:Neuronal migration

      Higley, Michael J

      Research Interests:Synaptic Integration; GABAergic Inhibition; Dendrites; Electrophysiology; Multiphoton Imaging

      • Lab:(203) 785-4302

      Koleske, Anthony J

      Research Interests:Neuronal morphogenesis and degeneration; Stress; Schizophrenia; Cell migration; Cancer; Metastasis; Adhesion receptors

      • Office:(203) 785-5624
      • Lab:(203) 785-5631

      Lee, Daeyeol

      Research Interests:Neural mechanisms of sequence learning and selection, decision making under uncertainty, inter-temporal choice, token & conditioned reinforcements; Reinforcement learning; Behavioral economics and game theory; Function of primate prefrontal cortex and basal ganglia; Coding and transmission of information in a population of neurons

        Mazer, Jamie

        Research Interests:Vision; Attention; Cortex; Sensory processing; Coordinate systems; Neuroethology

          Nitabach, Michael N

          Research Interests:Neurophysiology; Molecular genetics; Systems Physiology; Animal Behavior

            Picciotto, Marina

            Research Interests:Neuroscience; Molecular basis of behavior; Intracellular signaling; Mouse genetic models

            • Office:(203) 737-2041

            Rakic, Pasko

            Research Interests:Central nervous system development

            • Office:(203) 785-4330

            Sestan, Nenad

            Research Interests:Evolution and development of neuronal circuits of the human cerebral cortex

            • Office:(203) 737-2190

            State, Matthew W.

            Research Interests:Genetic mechanisms; neuropsychiatric disorders of childhood

            • Office:(lab) )-lab)
            • Appt:(203) 737-4342

            Strittmatter, Stephen M

            Research Interests:Axon Guidance; Axon Regeneration; Spinal Cord Injury; Molecular Biology; Stroke; Neurodegenerative Disease; Alzheimer's Disease; Fronto-Temporal Dementia

              Tomita, Susumu

              Research Interests:Synaptic transmission; Brain; Biochemistry; Molecular biology; Immunocytochemistry; Gene-targeted animals; Electrophysiology

                Wang, Xiao-Jing

                Research Interests:Neural circuit function in the brain

                  Zecevic, Dejan P

                  Research Interests:Physiology of axons, dendrites and dendritic spines; Input-output function of individual nerve cells; Voltage sensitive dyes; Optical recording methods

                    Zenisek, David

                    Research Interests:Physiology and cell biology of the presynaptic terminal; Retinal Bipolar Neuron; Synaptic Terminal; Synaptic Ribbons; Vesicle Transport; Exocytosis; Endocytosis

                    • Office:(203) 785-6474