Center Resources

The Yale MRRC is a state-of-the-art 33,000 square foot research facility in The Anlyan Center, that houses all the computing, office, and laboratory space, as well as 5 human magnets (1.5T Siemens Sonata, two 3.0T Siemens TIM Trio's, a 4T Bruker MRS system, and a 7T Varian head-only magnet), 3 horizontal bore magnets (4T, 9.4T, and 11.75T), and 2 vertical bore spectrometers (500MHz and 600MHz). The center includes computing resources for all data analysis and backup, several chemistry labs, an electornics shop and a machine shop, surgical suites, behavioral testing rooms, an EEG room, a subject preparation and recovery room, and an exercise physiology space. Details of specific resources can be found on the links below.