Fourth Biennial Conference on Resting State/Brain Connectivity: Satellite Workshop

Resting State Connectivity Workshop

This workshop is a satellite event of the Fourth Biennial Conference on Resting State/Brain Connectivity. It is a small, limited enrollment workshop designed to foster interaction between speakers and attendees. Two topics are covered in two separate sessions: I. Interventions and II. Consciousness. To encourage speaker-attendee interaction, speakers will present short (20 minute) talks followed by substantial (10 minute) question periods, and half hour coffee break will be held between sessions. 

Enrollment is limited and registration will be based on a first-come first-served basis, so please register promptly.  

Program Summary

The workshop will be held at MIT on the morning of Sunday, September 14th from 8:50am – 12:30pm. There will be two sessions.

Session 1: Resting connectivity tracking and predicting clinical change.

  • Elliot Stein (NIH/NIDA)
  • Michelle Voss (University of Iowa)
  • Michael Fox (Harvard Medical School)

Session 2: Resting state networks and consciousness.

  • Todd Constable (Yale School of Medicine)
  • Athena Demertzi (Université de Liège)
  • Emery Brown (MIT)

Workshop Registration

This is a limited enrollment event. Registration will proceed until the workshop is fully enrolled.

Registration is now open.


The organizers of the workshop include Michelle Hampson (Yale School of Medicine) and Susan Whitfield-Gabrieli (MIT).

Date and Location

Sunday, September 14, 2014.

Building 46, MIT, Cambridge, MA.