MORE Committee


Crusto, Cindy A

Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Cindy A. Crusto, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychiatry (Psychology Section), Yale University School of Medicine, is the Director of Program and Service System Evaluation at The Consultation Center. Dr. Crusto has more than 15 years of experience in developing, implementing, and evaluating...

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Desir, Gary Vincent

Professor of Medicine and of Forestry And Environmental Studies

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Walke, Lisa M.

Associate Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics)

Dr. Walke is the Associate Chief for Clinical Affairs for the Section of Geriatrics; in this capacity she oversees all of the clinical programs for the section across both campuses and throughout the community. Dr. Walke is a graduate of the Yale Fellowship in Geriatric Medicine and Clinical...

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Bennett, Anton M.

Professor of Pharmacology and of Comparative Medicine
Co-Director, Program in Integrative Cell Signaling and Neurobiology of Metabolism
Director, BBS Minority Affairs

Research Interests:Signal transduction; Protein tyrosine phosphatases; Cancer; Diabetes; Obesity; Muscle stem cells; Muscular dystrophy

  • Office:(203) 737-2441
  • Lab:(203) 785-4395

Bockenstedt, Linda Kathryn

Harold W. Jockers Professor of Medicine (Rheumatology)
Associate Dean, Faculty Development and Diversity

Research Interests:Pathogenesis of Lyme disease; Tick-borne infections; Innate immunity; Multiphoton imaging; Faculty development in context of team science

Clinical Interests:General Rheumatology; SLE; Autoimmune diseases; Lyme disease

  • Office:(203) 785-2454
  • Lab:(203) 785-7661

Booth, Carmen Jane

Assistant Professor of Comparative Medicine
Co-director, Mouse Phenotyping Service

Research Interests:Pathology of genetically engineered mice; Pathology of inflammation; Pathology of aging; Veterinary Pathology; Mouse pathology; phenotyping; Hemophilia in rats

    Comer, James Pierpont

    Maurice Falk Professor in the Child Study Center and Professor of Psychiatry
    Associate Dean for Student Affairs, School of Medicine

    Research Interests:Child development; Education

    • Office:(203) 737-4000

    Crusto, Cindy A

    Associate Professor of Psychiatry
    Director, Program and Service System Evaluation at The Consultation Center

    Research Interests:Social determinants of health; Children's exposure to trauma; Family violence; Program and service system evaluation; School-based mental health; Community-academic partnerships; Prevention and health promotion

    • Office:(203) 789-7645

    De La Cruz, Enrique M.

    Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry

    Research Interests:Cytoskeleton; RNA helicases; Kinetics; Thermodynamics; Polymer Mechanics; Processivity

      Desir, Gary Vincent

      Professor of Medicine and of Forestry And Environmental Studies
      Interim Chair, Department of Medicine

      Research Interests:Hypertension; Diabetes, Acute kidney injury; Catecholamines metabolism

      • Office:(203) 785-4119

      Esquibies, Americo E

      Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Respiratory)

      Research Interests:Hypoxia; Lung development; VEGF; Hyperoxia; Prostaglandin D synthase

      Clinical Interests:Management of technology-dependent children; Chronic lung disease secondary to prematurity; Asthma; Bronchoscopy; Respiratory infections.

      • Office:(203) 785-2480
      • Appt:(203) 785-4081

      Genao, Inginia

      Associate Professor of Medicine (General Medicine)
      Medical Director, Adult Primary Care Center

      Clinical Interests:General medicine

      • Office:(203) 688-6970
      • Appt:(203) 688-2471

      Gonzalez-Colaso, Rosana

      Assistant Professor in the Physician Associate Program, Department of Medicine

      Research Interests:Health Disparities; Access to Language Services; Healthcare Workforce Diversification; Cross-cultural Survey Development; Interdisciplinary Medical Education; Global Health Education; Curriculum Development and Assessment

      • Office:(203) 785-2860

      Gordon, Derrick M

      Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
      Director, Research, Policy and Program on Male Development, The Consultation Center

        Griffith, Ezra H

        Professor Emeritus of and Senior Research Scientist in Psychiatry
        Deputy Chair for Diversity and Organizational Ethics, Department of Psychiatry

        Research Interests:Forensic psychiatry; Cultural psychiatry

        Clinical Interests:Adult psychiatry

        • Office:(203) 785-2018

        Johnson, Dirk C

        Assistant Professor of Surgery (Trauma)

        • Office:(203) 785-2572
        • Appt:(203) 785-2572

        Johnson, Michele H

        Professor of Diagnostic Radiology and of Neurosurgery and Associate Professor of Surgery (Otolaryngology)
        Director of Interventional Neuroradiology

        Clinical Interests:Vascular lesions of the brain; arterio-venous malformations (AVM); aneurysms; interventional procedures of the brain; spine, head and neck (angiography, arteriography); vertebroplasty for compression fractures

        • Office:(203) 785-7026
        • Appt:(203) 785-7026

        Lee, Forrester Ashe

        Professor of Medicine (Cardiology)
        Associate Dean for Multicultural Affairs

        Research Interests:Congestive heart treatment; Heart rate variability; Minority population cardiovascular health care access

        Clinical Interests:Clinical cardiology; heart failure/cardiac transplantation

        • Office:(203) 785-7191
        • Appt:(203) 785-7191

        Marshall, Peter S.

        Assistant Professor of Medicine (Pulmonary)
        Medical Director, Medical Step-Down Unit YSC Yale-New Haven Hospital
        Medical Director, Respiratory Care - Yale-New Haven Hospital

        Research Interests:Risk stratification of patients with pulmonary embolism; Major pulmonary embolism treatment; Therapeutic hypothermia; Status asthmaticus

        Clinical Interests:Critical Care; Thromboembolic disease; Therapeutic Hypothermia; Asthma (status asthmaticus); ARDS; Ventilator Management/Weaning; Sepsis

        • Office:(203) 737-4523
        • Appt:(203) 785-4198

        Mazure, Carolyn M.

        Norma Weinberg Spungen and Joan Lebson Bildner Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology
        Director, Women's Health Research at Yale

        Research Interests:Depression; Addictive behaviors; Women's health research; Gender specific aspects of health and disease and the interplay of stress

        Clinical Interests:Adult disorders; depression; smoking cessation

        • Office:(203) 764-6600

        Minja, Frank Japhet

        Assistant Professor of Diagnostic Radiology

        Clinical Interests:pediatric neuroradiology; head and neck imaging; spine imaging; seizure imaging; emergency imaging; functional imaging; neurodiagnostic and interventional angiography.

        • Appt:(203) 785-5102

        Mitchell, Kisha A

        Associate Professor of Pathology
        Director, Autopsy Services

        Research Interests:Gastrointestinal; Liver Pathology; Forensic Pathology

        Clinical Interests:Colon Cancer; Liver Cancer; Pancreas and Bile duct Cancer; Autopsy Pathology, Ancillary Techniques to aid in Autopsy Pathology, Transplant Liver Pathology

        • Office:(203) 785-6479

        Nunez-Smith, Marcella

        Associate Professor of Medicine (General Medicine) and of Epidemiology (Chronic Diseases)
        Core Faculty, Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program
        Faculty, Global Health Leadership Institute

        Research Interests:Healthcare workforce diversity; Cancer disparities; Patient assessment of healthcare experiences; Healthcare system strengthening to address chronic disease in low and middle resource settings; Discrimination in health care systems; Role of race in professional experiences

        • Office:(203) 785-6454
        • Appt:(203) 688-2471

        Walke, Lisa M.

        Associate Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics)
        Associate Chief for Clinical Affairs (Geriatrics)

        Clinical Interests:Geriatric assessment; functional assessment; memory loss; depression; dementia; pre-operative geriatric assessment; goals of care

        • Office:(203) 688-5238
        • Appt:(203) 688-6361

        Walker, Charles N.

        Assistant Professor of Urology

        Research Interests:High-risk prostate cancer; Erectile dysfunction; Cardiovascular disease; Geriatrics; Health disparity; Vascular biology of erectile function

        Clinical Interests:Men's Health; prostate and other cancers of the urinary tract, sexual and erectile dysfunction, low testosterone and testosterone replacement therapy, and benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlargement of the prostate gland). Minimally invasive surgery to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, implantation of inflatable penile prosthesis, minimally invasive vasectomy, radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer, artificial urinary sphincter and male sling placement for urinary incontinence, laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgery for kidney cancer including cryosurgical ablation for kidney cancer.

        • Appt:(203) 785-2815

        Ward, Nadia

        Assistant Professor of Psychiatry