Wednesday Evening Clinic (WEC) at the Primary Care Center of YNHH

The Wednesday Evening Clinic (WEC) is a longitudinal primary care clinic for up to 15 YMSs in Yale's Primary Care Center (a resident clinic during the daytime). Participation in WEC provides an opportunity for MD and MD/PhD students to follow their own patients and complete the Primary Care Clerkship during research or MBA/MPH years. Responsibilities include seeing 3-4 patients/night (fewer at the start), discussing the patients with an attending, writing notes, and giving Pre-clinic conferences. This involves presenting a case or disease common to primary care or giving journal club about 3x/ year to fellow students. Students also take turns bringing dinner. Pre-clinic conference and dinner are @ 5PM promptly, patients are then seen from 5:45 to 9:00PM. Work for the clinic is mostly completed during the evening on Wednesdays but follow-up on studies, etc. goes on during the rest of the week.

The WEC is a wonderful and unique opportunity to be responsible for your own cohort of patients over the course of many months, and the attending physician staff is outstanding, engaging and excited about teaching students.

To receive credit for the Primary Care Clerkship, there is a minimum commitment of 1 calendar year (many MD/PhDs stay a few years). Students are required to attend at least 38 of 50 clinic sessions (the Wednesdays before Thanksgiving and between Christmas/New Years is always off). Students may start at any point during the year. Completion of inpatient Medicine I and II and the outpatient Ambulatory Medicine clerkships is required; students should also complete 2 other clerkships if possible; OB/GYN and Psychiatry are recommended. Students must also complete the series of didactic seminars in Primary Care. It is not required that the series be completed before or during the WEC experience, though recommended. It is possible to complete the seminars during ICM as well as sporadically through other clerkships including the WEC. In addition, students are responsible for scheduling at least 3 MiniCEXs with an attending: at the onset, middle and end of the rotation where they will be directly observed during an entire patient interaction and receive direct and immediate verbal feedback of their performance.

If you have any questions, or would like to come by the clinic to learn more, please contact Shihan Khan. The WEC is located at 789 Howard Avenue.