Special Events

A number of events will be occurring during the year. Exact details will be distributed as the days get closer but here's a partial list of what to keep an eye out for:

MD/PhD Retreat

The Program sponsors an annual retreat. The agenda may include sessions regarding life the after MD/PhD (both clinical and basic science options), a faculty/guest speaker, an ethics discussion session, talks by graduating students, and finally an open forum discussion about the Program and its future. Make sure you plan to attend!

Departmental Retreats

Most of the basic science departments have yearly retreats. MD/PhD students are usually invited to attend at no cost. This gives you a chance to meet faculty in an informal setting, as well as enjoy time away from New Haven. Sometimes there are problems getting info distributed to students, so if there is a department whose retreat you don't want to miss, check with the department early in the year to see when their retreat has been scheduled.