Structural Biology

Engelman, Donald Max

Research Interests:Helix Interactions; Lipid Bilayers; Membranes; Physical Biochemistry; Protein Folding; Proteins

    Howard, Jonathon

    Research Interests:Motor proteins and the cytoskeleton; Microtubule dynamics and motors; Cell motility; Mitosis; the Axoneme; Neuronal Morphology

    • Office:(203) 432-7245

    Miranker, Andrew D

    Research Interests:Conformational changes in proteins which give rise to a special class of protein complex known as amyloid fibrils

      Moore, Peter B

      Research Interests:RNA Structures

        Pollard, Thomas Dean

        Research Interests:Cytokinesis; cellular motility; role of actin filaments and myosin motors

        • Office:(203) 432-3565
        • Lab:(203) 432-3194

        Pyle, Anna Marie

        Research Interests:Structure and function of catalytic RNA; RNA helicase mechanisms; Computational analysis of RNA structure

        • Office:(203) 432-5633

        Regan, Lynne J

        Research Interests:Mental retardation; Protein-protein interactions; Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein (FMRP); Protein-based nanomaterials

          Schlieker, Christian

          Research Interests:DYT1 Dystonia, Membrane dynamics; Torsin ATPases; Alternative nuclear transport (nuclear egress); Protein quality control; viral pathogenesis

          • Office:(203) 432-5035

          Steitz, Thomas A

          Research Interests:Protein Structure; Proteins and Macromolecules; Protein Nucleic Acid Complexes; X-ray Crystallography

          • Office:(203) 432-5617
          • Lab:(203) 432-5627

          Strobel, Scott A

          Research Interests:Antibiotics; Nucleic Acid Bioorganic Chemistry; Ribosome; Ribozyme; RNA Catalysis; RNA-Protein Interaction; Translation; Riboswitches, Biofuels; Endophytes; Natural Product Discovery

            Wang, Hongwei

            Research Interests:Cryo-electron microscopy; Cytoskeleton dynamics; RNA quality control; RNA interference

              Xiong, Yong

              Research Interests:Innate immune systems; HIV; fatty acid synthase (FAS); polyketide synthase (PKS); Viral vectors

              • Office:(203) 436-2608