RNA Biology

Baserga, Susan J

Research Interests:Ribosome biogenesis; RRNA processing; U3 RNP structure and function; RNA helicases; Polymerase I transcription and processing

    Breaker, Ronald R

    Research Interests:non-coding RNA; riboswitches; ribozymes; catalytic DNA; RNA and evolution; antibiotics development

    • Office:(203) 432-9389
    • Lab:(203) 432-6554

    Moore, Peter B

    Research Interests:RNA Structures

      Pyle, Anna Marie

      Research Interests:Structure and function of catalytic RNA; RNA helicase mechanisms; Computational analysis of RNA structure

      • Office:(203) 432-5633

      Simon, Matthew

      Research Interests:Chemical biology; Large non-coding RNAs; Epigenetic regulation; Histone modifications

      • Office:(203) 737-3274

      Soll, Dieter G

      Research Interests:Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthesis; Functional Genomics; Life Science Biological; Mechanism of Translation

        Steitz, Joan A

        Research Interests:Autoantibodies; Gene Expression; RNA; RNA Processing; SnRNPs; Viral Transformation

        • Office:(203) 737-4418

        Steitz, Thomas A

        Research Interests:Protein Structure; Proteins and Macromolecules; Protein Nucleic Acid Complexes; X-ray Crystallography

        • Office:(203) 432-5617
        • Lab:(203) 432-5627

        Strobel, Scott A

        Research Interests:Antibiotics; Nucleic Acid Bioorganic Chemistry; Ribosome; Ribozyme; RNA Catalysis; RNA-Protein Interaction; Translation; Riboswitches, Biofuels; Endophytes; Natural Product Discovery