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     from the Foreword:
"The author is a distinguished scientist in the Yale medical school, but her knowledge ranges far beyond the limits of science and embraces all of humanist culture. I also know of few contemporary poets who can so convey the wonder of human existence so close to its terror, and in a voice intimate yet elusive in its authority—that edges towards the visionary. The highest intensity, among many intensities, is to be found in her volume Fragmented, a sequence of poems for her late husband. They are among the finest poems of mourning I have ever read. A virtuosity of form and technique matches the intensity of the emotion in a stunning lyrical sequence."

—CLIVE BUSH: Professor & poet, King's College, London

     from the Introductory Essay:
"Laura Manuelidis is not someone who writes verses — she is a poet by all the pulsation of her soul. There are some poets who have a subtlety, but don't have a passion; others have a passion but unfortunately at the expense of subtlety have lost all passion. She has a rare quality: her passion is subtle. I admire her lines: "If I were one stripe of a shirt / On the back of a man / Would I wrinkle Or would I smile / Between the angles of his scapulae?"



Some sample poems from book published/accessible on web:

      "The Target is Obvious":
      "Whose funeral?":
      "Stationary (partial)":
      Three new poems:


Some sample MP3 audio "poems with keys"
      from limited edition CD made with Paul Jordan on piano &/or organ:

      "Reflection" / Tui St. George composer  MP3 file
      "Viridian seeking definition" / A. Schoenberg composer  MP3 file
      "Being modest" / S. Simons & G. Marks composers  MP3 file