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Susan Jun
Ph.D. Student

B.A. 2001 University of California, Berkeley
telephone: 203-785-2685

Transmembrane Activators of Growth Factor Receptors


Guyon, J.R., Mosley, A.N., Jun, S.J., Montanaro, F., Steffen, L.S., Zhou, Y., Nigro, V., Zon, L.I., and Kunkel, L.M. (2005) ó-Sarcoglycan is required for early zebrafish muscle organization. Exp. Cell. Res.304: 105-115.

Schienda, J., Engleka, K.A., Jun, S., Hansen, M.S., Epstein, J.A., Tabin, C.J., Kunkel, L.M., and Kardon, G. (2006) Somitic origin of side population cells in skeletal muscle. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA103: 945-950.

Bachrach, E., Perez, A.L., Choi, Y.H., Illigens, B.M., Jun, S.J., Nido, P.D., McGowan, F.X., Li, S., Chamberlain, J., and Kunkel, L.M. (2006) Muscle engraftment of myogenic progenitor cells following intrarterial transplantation. Muscle Nerve34: 44-52.

Cammett, T.J.*, Jun, S.J.*, Cohen, E.B., Barrera, F.N., Engelman, D.M., and DiMaio, D. (2010) Construction and genetic selection of small transmembrane proteins that activate the human erythropoietin receptor. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA107:3447-3452. *equal contribution. PMID: 20142506.


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Updated March 2, 2010