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Yale University
School of Medicine
Department of Genetics
Department of Therapeutic Radiology
Department of Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry

Daniel DiMaio
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Emily Cohen
Ph.D. Student

B.A. 2006 Connecticut College
telephone: 203-785-2685


Isolation of Novel Inhibitors of the Erythropoietin Receptor



Hughes, H., Morgan, C., Brunyak, E., Barranco, K., Cohen, E., Edmunds, T., and Lee, K. (2009) A multi-tiered analytical approach for the analysis and quantitation of high-molecular-weight aggregates in a recombinant therapeutic glycoprotein. AAPS J.11(2):335-341.

Cammett*, T.J., Jun*, S.J., Cohen, E.B., Barrera, F.N., Engelman, D.M., and DiMaio, D. (2010) Construction and genetic selection of small transmembrane proteins that activate the human erythropoietin receptor. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA107:3447-3452. *equal contribution. PMID: 20142506.


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Updated March 2, 2010