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Tobin Cammett
Research Scientist

Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Cheshire, CT

B.S. 1986 University of Connecticut, Storrs
M.S. 1993 Saint Joseph College
Ph.D. 2005 UConn Health Sciences Center

Tobin Cammett


Pedersen, L, Ragkousi, K., Cammett, T., Melly, E., Sekowska, A., Schopick, E., Murray, T. and Setlow, P. (2000) Characterization of ywhE, which encodes a putative high-molecular-weight class A penicillin-binding protein in Bacillus subtilis. Gene, 246:187-196.

Cammett, T., Luo, L. and Peng, Z.-y. (2003) Design and characterization of a hyperstable p16INK4a that restores Cdk4 binding activity when combined with oncogenic mutations. J. Mol. Biol., 327:285-297.

Mosavi, L., Cammett, T., Desrosiers, D. and Peng, Z.-y. (2004) The ankyrin repeat as molecular architecture for protein recognition. Protein Sci., 6:1435-1448.

Cammett*, T.J., Jun*, S.J., Cohen, E.B., Barrera, F.N., Engelman, D.M., and DiMaio, D. (2010) Construction and genetic selection of small transmembrane proteins that activate the human erythropoietin receptor. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA107:3447-3452. *equal contribution. PMID: 20142506.

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Updated March 2, 2010