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Kimberly Johung
Resident, Therapeutic Radiology, Yale
B.A. 1999 Yale University

Ph.D. 2007 Yale University

Kimberly Johung


Post, P.L., Tyska, M.J., O'Connell, C.B., Johung, K., Hayward, A., and Mooseker, M.S. (2002) Myosin-Ixb is a single-headed and processive motor. J. Biol. Chem. 277:11679-83.

Lee, B.Y., Han, J.A., Lim, J.S., Morrone, A., Johung, K., Goodwin, E.C., Keijer, W., DiMaio, D.*, and Hwang, E.-S.* (2006) Senescence-associated ß-galactosidase is lysosomal acid ß-galactosidase. Aging Cell 5: 187-195. (*corresponding authors)

Johung, K., Goodwin, E.C., and DiMaio, D. (2007) Human papillomavirus E7 repression in cervical carcinoma cells initiates a transcriptional cascade driven by the retinoblastoma family, resulting in senescence. J. Virol. 81:2102-2116.

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Updated August 15, 2009