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Gregory A. Korbel
Student, Wharton School             

B.A. 1998 Vanderbilt University
Ph.D. 2003 Harvard University

Greg Korbel


Korbel, G.A., Lalic, G., and Shair, M.D. (2001) Reaction microarrays: A method for rapidly determining the enantiomeric excess of thousands of samples. J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 123:361-362

Dooley, P.A., Tsarouhtsis, D., Korbel, G.A., Nechev, L.V., Shearer, J., Zegar, I.S., Harris, C.M., Stone, M.P., and Harris, T.M. (2001) Structural studies of an oligodeoxynucleotide containing a trimethylene interstrand cross-link in a 5’(CpG) motif: Model of a malondialdehyde cross-link. J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 123:1730-1739.

Dooley, P.A., Zhang, M., Korbel, G.A., Nechev, L.V., Harris, C.M., Stone, M.P., and Harris, T.M. (2003) NMR determination of the conformation of a trimethylene interstrand cross-link in an oligodeoxynucleotide duplex containing a 5’-d(GpcC) motif. J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 125:62-72.

Misaghi, S., Pacold, M.E., Blom, D., Ploegh, H.L, and Korbel, G.A. (2004) Using a small molecule inhibitor of peptide: N-glycanase to probe its role in glycoprotein turnover. Chem. Biol. 11:1677-1687.

Kattenhorn, L.M., Korbel, G.A., Kessler, B.M., Spooner, E., and Ploegh, H.L. (2005) A deubiquitinating enzyme encoded by HSV-1 belongs to a new family of cysteine proteases that is conserved across the family Herpesviridae. Mol. Cell 19:547-557.

Anderson, C., Crimmins, S., Wilson, J.A., Korbel, G.A., Ploegh, H.L., and Wilson, S.M. (2005) Loss of Usp14 results in reduced levels of ubiquitin in ataxia mice. J. Neurochem. 95:724-731.

Schlieker, C., Korbel, G.A., Kattenhorn, L.M., and Ploegh, H.L. (2005) A deubiquitinating activity is conserved in the large tegument protein of Herpesviridae. J. Virol. 79:15582-15585.

Misaghi, S., Korbel, G.A., Kessler, B., Spooner, E., and Ploegh, H.L. (2006) z-VAD-fmk inhibits peptide:N-glycanase and may result in ER stress. Cell Death Differ. 13:163-165.

Yates, K.E., Korbel, G.A., Shtutman, M., Roninson, I.G., and DiMaio, D. (2007) Repression of the SUMO-specific protease Senp1 induces the appearance of SUMO/PML bodies and p53-dependent premature senescence in human fibroblasts. Aging Cell (In press).

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Updated February 23, 2010