About Us

Landry, Marie-Louise

Professor of Laboratory Medicine and of Medicine (Infectious Diseases); Director, Clinical Virology Laboratory; Director, Medical Studies; Vice Chair, Laboratory Medicine


Ferguson, David

Lecturer in Laboratory Medicine

Section Coordinators

Cohen, Sandra Ann

Lecturer in Laboratory Medicine

Garner, Robin

Section Coordinator (Molecular)

Owen, Maureen

Section Coordinator (Serology/QA)

Yale-New Haven Hospital
20 York Street, PS619
New Haven, CT 06504

Lab Phone: (203) 688-3524
Lab Fax: (203) 688-8177

Hours of Operation:
7:00am - 1:00am, Monday - Friday (Year-round)
8:00am - 4:30pm, Saturday & Sunday (Routine)
Peak Respiratory Season Saturday-Sunday:
8:00am - 12:30am