13. Clinical Course in Our Patient

  • Received acyclovir continuously after repeat MRI result
  • Transferred from ICU to floor on POD#3
  • Speech-language pathology evaluation on POD#3
    • “fluent aphasia syndrome characterized by moderate deficits in verbal expression and auditory comprehension”
  • ID recommendation for 21 days on IV acyclovir
  • Discharged to home with PICC line on hospital day #14, POD#12

Prognosis in Herpes Encephalitis


  • outcome is poor for patients with:
    • Glasgow coma score less than 6
    • patients > 30 years old
    • untreated encephalitis > four days
    • critical to institute therapy before semicoma/coma develops
  • acyclovir is standard therapy
  • purine nucleoside analogue, (9-[2-hydroxyethoxymethyl] guanine)
  • 10 mg/kg every 8 hours for 10-14 days
  • 19% mortality at 6 months vs. ~ 50% with vidarabine
  • most acyclovir-treated survivors have neurologic impairment

NIAID Collaborative Antiviral Study Group (Whitley, RJ)
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Herpes virus
Herpes simplex virus 1 capsid: A T=16 icosahedral structure composed of the major capsid protein arranged in hexons (blue) and pentons (darker blue), and two minor capsid proteins forming triplexes (green).

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