11. HSV-1 Histopathology

  1. HSV-1 Histopathology 1
  2. HSV-1 Histopathology 2
  3. HSV-1 Histopathology 3
  4. HSV-1 Histopathology 4
    COURTESY OF Dr. Peter Anderson, University of Alabama at Birmingham
    Department of Pathology

HSV-1 Ultrastructure

  • HSV-1 Ultrastructure
    Herpes virus assembled in the nucleus. (Courtesy of Dr. Duncan Wilson)

HSV-1 and Encephalitis

  • icosahedral, linear double-stranded DNA genome
  • HSV-1 and HSV-2 show 50% sequence homolgy
  • consists of viral genome in capsid with lipid envelope
  • reactivation-trigeminal, primary-olfactory
  • HSV-1 accounts for 95% of viral encephalitis in US
  • 1/200,000 people per year (1250 people per year in US)
  • 70% mortality rate in untreated encephalitis
  • so prompt therapy is important
    Structure of a Herpesvirus