4. Admission Physical Examination

Vitals: T 100.8, HR 82, supine BP 114/69 (after IV fluid), SaO2 100% on RA 

General: pale, thin woman lying on stretcher in no apparent distress
HEENT: pale conjuctiva and mucous membranes, edentulous, non-icteric sclera
Neck: no bruits, no JVD, no lymphadenopathy
Cardiac: RRR, normal S1/S2, no murmurs
Abdomen: soft, moderate tenderness in the upper quadrants, no hepatosplenomegaly, bowel sounds present, stool heme negative
Extremities: right lower extremity diffusely swollen from the thigh to ankle with pitting edema throughout, very tender and warm to the touch, confluent red/purple hematoma most visible on the lateral aspect of right thigh Distal pulses intact. Two large bruises present on left thigh as well. No petechiae noted.
Neuro: no peripheral neuropathy
CXR: unremarkable
EKG: normal sinus rhythm, no abnormalities