3. Past Medical, Social, Family History, Medications, and Allergies

On admission to the ER, the patient immediately received an IV of normal saline.

Past Medical History
1) Multiple Sclerosis, stable for several years; now requires a walker for ambulation and has needed a wheelchair in the past.
2) Spinal stenosis, severe, with multiple previous laminectomies.
3) Possible relapsing polychondritis 2 years PTA.
4) Chronic dysphagia for 3 years PTA and worsening postprandial nausea/vomiting/dyspepsia for the past year.
5) Red blood cell transfusion > 10 years PTA following laminectomy. No history of excessive blood loss with surgeries. No history of plasma or platelet transfusion.
6) Mild depression.

Social History
Quit cigarettes 9 years PTA.
No alcohol or illicit drug use.
Lives alone.

Family History
Aunt with breast cancer.
Grandmother with colon cancer.
No bleeding history in any family member and specifically none in the patient's brothers and uncles.

MS Contin
Morphine suppositories
Denies use of coumadin, aspirin, or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Severe latex allergy with a history of anaphylaxis.