Faculty Research Interests

Sheldon CampbellPoint of care testing; HIV and mycobacterial diagnosis; microbiology education
Susan CotmoreParvoviral DNA replication; capsid dynamics; evasion of innate host responses
Lesley DevineEffects of novel immune therapies on the immune system
Tore EidEpilepsy; mass spectrometry; electron microscopy
Ann HabermanB lymphocytes and germinal center formation: intravital microscopy
Michael HodsdonProtein NMR Spectroscopy; cytokine biology
John Greg HoweMolecular diagnostics
Peter JatlowDrugs of abuse; alcohol; cocaine; nicotine
Paula KavathasT cell receptor CD8; Chlamydia trachomatis
Diane KrauseStem cell biology; hematopoiesis; leukemia
Marie-Louise LandryRapid viral diagnosis; impact of testing on patient management
Herbert MalkusLaboratory automation; fetal lung maturity testing; prenatal screening
John McClaskeyEndocrine testing; cancer biomarkers; mass spectrometry
Henry RinderDisorders of platelet function, production and hemostasis
Mark ShlomchikB cells and toll-like receptors in autoimmunity; B cell memory; graft vs. host disease
Brian SmithInflammation-coagulation interface
Edward SnyderIn vivo blood vessel generation by regenerative medicine technology; clinical trial evaluation of transfusion and apheresis devices for FDA licensure
Gary StackPlatelet storage lesion; blood group alloimmunization; warfarin pharmacogenetics
Peter TattersallParvoviral tropism and entry; genome packaging; anti-cancer vectors
Christopher TormeyPlatelet storage; red cell alloimmunization
Yan Yun WuTransfusion adverse events