For Physicians

The Department provides comprehensive, laboratory services directly to patients in Connecticut and also provides reference laboratory services to hospitals, large practices and institutions from much of New England and, for highly specialized services, across North America.

In addition to the draw stations in New Haven, Branford, Guilford, Hamden, Madison and North Haven, a stat laboratory facility operates at the Shoreline Medical Center in Guilford, providing a location at which shoreline patients can have blood drawn for test results that you may need in your office with rapid turnaround – results can be called and/or faxed as needed.

Test Results

Your patient's test results are available by Faxing, mail and/or courier hardcopy delivery as well as through system-wide web-based electronic access including Epic Hyperspace and Epic CareLink.

All test results (inpatient and outpatient, regardless of which of our facilities they are performed at) are integrated into the on-line electronic systems and with all inpatient results.


We welcome inquiries from your office regarding our services, establishment of drop-boxes ('milk boxes') for sample pick-up at your office by our couriers, help with getting onto EPIC, and phone consultations with our clinical pathologists regarding interpretation of tests performed by our laboratory on your patients. Please contact our Outreach Marketing Coordinator for assistance.

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Polymerase Chain Reaction

A medical technologist prepares patient samples for analysis by polymerase chain reaction (PCR), a test that amplifies viral genetic material and allows detection of very small amounts, very quickly. The Virology Laboratory detects over 30 different viruses using PCR.


For information on obtaining laboratory testing, cellular therapy or apheresis services, contact:

Ms. Laura Lana
Manager Outreach and Outpatient Phlebotomy 
Phone: (203) 688-5965 
800-305-3278 (toll-free)

Dr. Henry Rinder M.D.
Director of Outreach
800-305-3278 (toll-free)

More information about Outreach...