Richard Torres MD

Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine; Director, Flow Cytometry Laboratory

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My laboratory interest is in identifying challenges with modern clinical laboratories and applying technological advances in the fields of optics and other engineering fields to develop new instrumentation.

A principal research project involves the development of a new assay and instrument for analysis of von Willebrand factor multimers using the biophysical technique based on Brownian motion called fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy. It also intends to optimize the analytical and optical approach for the analysis of complex biological mixtures with fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and photon counting methods under a variety of special conditions. A second project is focused on applying advanced imaging techniques for three dimensional reconstruction of biopsies. The project aims to develop practical instrumentation for routine 3D examination of pathology specimens. These projects are being performed in close collaboration with Prof. Michael Levene in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Yale.

Another area of research being developed involves analysis, modelling, and optimization of conditions for storage of platelets that preserve activity. The project focuses on applying relevant engineering principles and techniques combined with emerging understanding of the relevant components of platelet function.

From a purely clinical perspective, my interests are in clinical chemistry methods, general coagulation testing and flow cytometry for hematologic disease.

Education & Training

Stanford University (1994)
Yale University (1999)
Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science (2007)
Yale-New Haven Hospital, Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
Yale University School of Medicine, Hematopathology
Board Certification
Hematology (Pathology), Board Certified  (2005)
Board Certification
Anatomic & Clinical Pathology, Board Certified  (2005)

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