Christopher Anthony Tormey MD

Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine; Director, Transfusion Medicine Fellowship

Research Interests

Transfusion Medicine; Platelet Storage; Red Blood Cell Alloimmunization

Research Summary

Dr. Tormey has several diverse research interests within the field of Transfusion Medicine ranging from large clinical studies to translational research projects. Areas of current investigation include blood bank-based immunohematology where the properties of red blood cell alloantibodies in veteran populations are examined, particularly those factors influencing the duration of humoral response following alloimmunization. In addition, Dr. Tormey is interested in studying the biochemical and immunologic effects of storage on platelet, red blood cell, and plasma components in the blood bank. He is currently developing an assay to gauge the impact of storage on the platelet granule release reaction and is also investigating the influence of donor innate immune factors on bacterial contamination of red cell and plasma products. These projects have been performed in close collaboration with Dr. Gary Stack of the Department of Laboratory Medicine at Yale.

Selected Publications

  • Lupus anticoagulant testing and anticoagulation do not mix: quantitation of discrepant results and potential approaches to reduce false positives. Chandler JB, Torres R, Rinder HM, Tormey CA. Br J Haematol. 2014 Jul 18. doi: 10.1111/bjh.13030.
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