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Blood Drawing Locations & Hours

Blood Drawing photo

Blood drawing locations and contact information for all YNHH locations.

During periods of inclement weather, please call ahead to confirm that the location is open.

Click Here for a printable list of all our blood draw stations.


What Insurance Plans are Accepted

Yale-New Haven Hospital accepts almost all locally active managed care insurance plans.


Why You and Your Doctor Can Trust Our Results

The Yale-New Haven Hospital Department of Laboratory Medicine ensures that every test it offers is accurate and reliable.


What is a Laboratory Medicine Doctor?

When your doctor orders a blood or urine test, or takes a biopsy, all you usually know is that the sample goes to some mysterious place ("the lab" or pathology") and either the same day or a few days later your doctor suddenly has a better idea of what is wrong with you and what to do about it. more...

Our Laboratory Staff

Laboratory professionals are among the unsung heroes of health care, working behind-the-scenes, 24/7, to support the other health care professionals with critical data from your testing.


Apheresis and Adult Stem Cell Clinical Services

The apheresis service is available to carry out complex medical procedures such as exchange transfusion, "harvesting" of peripheral blood stem cells for transplantation, and plasma exchange, as well as blood transfusions. Your doctor will work with our Transfusion Medicine physicians to arrange these services if you need them. more...