Residency Training

The Department of Laboratory Medicine provides training for

The combined AP/CP residency program is jointly taught by Laboratory Medicine and Pathology. Pathology also provides a training program for residents seeking Board certification in straight Anatomic Pathology (AP). Applicants to any of these three programs should ensure that their application clearly indicates the specific program of interest (CP-only, AP/CP or AP-only).

Other Training Options

A variety of extended and hybrid training options are also available.

  • Physician-Scientist
    Those interested in a Clinical Pathology physician-scientist career may individualize a program of clinical training and basic research, the latter in the laboratory of a Yale mentor. The mentor may be selected from faculty in Laboratory Medicine or from faculty in other departments such as Genetics, Immunobiology, Bioengineering, Cell Biology, Pharmacology, Internal Medicine, Neurosciences, Laboratory Medicine, and Pathology.
  • PhD
    It is also possible for research-oriented individuals with MD degrees to enter a special Yale program that results in a PhD in Investigative Medicine.
  • Joint Residency and Fellowship Training
    A program combining CP residency training with fellowship training in hematopathology, transfusion medicine, microbiology, genetics, or medical informatics is another common extended training approach.
  • Hybrid Careers
    Finally, a few of our recent residents have been interested in innovative hybrid career options such as combining CP training with the law or with further training in management for eventual careers in combining administration with clinical work and/or consultation in healthcare or biotechnology.
  • Careers in Clinical Pathology
  • General information on residency training may be found at the Yale-New Haven Hospital website