Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting Facility Staff

Ann M Haberman

Core Facility Director

Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine and of Immunobiology; Director, In Vivo Imaging Facility

Geoffrey Lyon

Facility Manager


  • Phone: LEPH 901B (203)737-6471, LEPH 918 (203)737-5959
  • BSL-3 Sort Facility Manager/Operator
  • FACS Facility Bio-safety Adviser
  • Operating a BD FACS Aria and Sony SY3200 cell sorters
  • Facility Billing, billing inquires and changes, PTAEO updates

Ewa Menet

Research & Development Technician III


  • Phone: (203)785-7958
  • Daily maintenance, calibration and troubleshooting of the analyzers (TAC S613,S533)
  • User training on BD FACSCalibur, LSRII, HTS LSRII, Stratedigm, Amnis Imagestream-X, advanced LSRII training
  • FACS analysis for users without flow cytometry experience
  • Help with experimental design, cell preparation, fluorochrome selection
  • FACS analysis software support
  • Scheduling for analyzers and billing.

Thomas Taylor

Research Specialist II


Operating BD FACSAria cell sorter

Gouzel Tokmoulina

Research Specialist III


  • Phone (203) 737-2891
  • Operating Beckman Coulter MoFlo cell sorter
  • Web site content management
  • Reagent and supply ordering

Zhao Zhao

Biotechnology Associate I


  • Phone (203) 737-7452
  • Operating BD FACSAria