For analysis

There are 8 user-operated analyzers in the TAC Building (LSRII, LSRII Green, LSRII TAC5, a FACSCalibur, four Stratedigm analyzers). In Amistad there is a LSRII and FACSCalibur,  and at 300 George Street (Room 2320H) we have a special order LSRII. The Caliburs can analyze up to 4 colors with 488 nm and 633 nm excitation lasers. Stratedigm STD-13 are capable of analyzing 13 colors. LSRII and LSRII Green have a capability of 14 and 15 colors. Stratedigm STD-13, STD-13+L, LSRII and LSRII Green are located in room TAC S613; LSRII TAC5 and Calibur H -in room S533. Machines are checked daily for optimal performance. Internet sign up for analysis time is available from any computer via the internet for users after completing the training.

Bio Rad Bio-Plex System (room S522) is a compact, simple, highly flexible platform for a wide range of bead-based assays. It combines the concept of flow cytometry with dual red and green lasers for simultaneous bead and reporter detection with up to 100 uniquely identifiable fluorescently labeled microspheres. This combination enables bio-molecule analysis in a highly multiplexed format. Individual microspheres can be complexed with any protein, peptide or nucleic acid. For training please contact

Amnis Imagestream-X imaging flow cytometer (room S613)- provides users with the ability to gain detailed images of a large number of cells in a relatively short period of time and with the opportunity to perform a range of novel applications including co-localization, internalization, stem cell differentiation, and cell-cell interactions. For training please contact

For cell sorting

FACSArias in TAC S633, Amistad and George St. are operated by staff or can be user-operated after completing the training.

Cells can be sorted into 5 or 15 ml tubes or into various plates as single or multiple cells per well or onto microscopic slides for analysis. In addition, all sorters are capable of simultaneous 4–way sorting. All sorters except MoFlo are also equipped for sorting live human, primate or other potentially biohazardous cells.