BD LSRII at Amistad

BD LSRII at Amistad

UV Laser - 355nm    60 mW

PMTBandpassLong PassFluorochrome
410LPDAPI, Alexa Fluor 350
C379/28 BUV395

**DAPI and BUV395 Should not be used together.

Additional filters are necessary for Calcium Flux and Side Population detection, please see the staff about filters swaps. 

Violet Laser - 405nm   50 mW

PMTBandpassLong PassFluorochrome
B610/20595LPBV605, Alexa Fluor 605, QDot605
C525/50505LPAlexa Fluor 430, CFP, Am Cyan, Pacific Orange
D450/50 Cascade Blue, Pacific Blue, Sky Blue, Alexa Fluor 405, BFP, CFP, Hoechst

Blue Laser - 488nm   50 mW

PMTBandpassLong PassFluorochrome
A685/35630LPPerCP, EMA, PercP-Cy5.5
B525/50505LPFITC, GFP, PKH67, CFSE, Alexa Fluor 488, YFP*
C488/10 SSC

*YFP-if detecting YFP and GFP ask for filters change on A and B PMT's

Green Laser - 532nm   150 mW

PMTBandpassLong PassFluorochrome
A780/60735LPPE-Cy7, PE-alexa750
C675/20630LPPE-Cy5, PE-Alexa647
D610/20600LPAlexa Fluor 594*, PE-Texas Red, Alexa Fluor 568*, PI, Rhodamine-B, PI
E575/26 PE, DsRed, RFP, Pyronin-Y, PKH26

*Alexa Fluor 594 only 25% Ex., *Alexa Fluor 568 only 34% Ex.

Red Laser - 640nm  70 mW

PMTBandpassLong PassFluorochrome
A780/60755LPAPC-Cy7, Alexa Fluor 750*
B710/50690LPAlexa Fluor 680, Alexa Fluor 700
C660/20 APC, Alexa Fluor 647

Alexa Fluor 750 only 18% Ex.