• on STD-8 (TAC5 and George St 2320H) and FACSCaliburs costs $16/hr
  • STD-13 and STD-13+L : $21/hr
  • on LSRII: $24/hr
  • Bio-Plex: $24/hr (minimum charge is for 1/2 hr)
  • Amnis : $72/hr
  • Analysis done by facility for Yale users $43/hr, non-Yale $65, in addition to the instrument charges.


  • For MoFlo : $76/hr
  • For the FACSAria as follows:
  • Sorting (with Geoff or Zhao setting up and supervising): $76/hr
  • Sorting independently: $36 /hr
  • Sorting (with Geoff/Zhao helping setup but independently after that): $76 first hour and $36/hr thereafter
  • For Sony: $76/hr for a single head normal sort, $25/hr for the second head for the time that it is running

  • Evening sorts from 5-9 pm on any of the sorters: $114/hr with minimum 2 hrs per sort requirement
  • Training: FACSCalibur, FACS Aria or LSRII $30/hr

Non Yale users will be accommodated as is possible at 1.5 times the published rates.